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Country: United States of America

State/Region: Illinois

City: Chicago

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I hadn’t plan to start/form an Activation Hub, however, I’m a big proponent of not “Reinventing the Wheel”… If there is an existing Hub that should or wants to expand and build, humbly please connect me with them. I just sent the below email to the Greater Reset correspondence email: To whom it may concern: This(the Greater Reset) is going to be an Amazing Event and Purpose. However, as with past valuable events, podcast, Seminars, etc., how do you/we turn the talk/theory into everyday, Real Practice that is noticed and felt by the Masses..?! I would appreciate your thoughts and if I can be a boots on the ground, participant to have the Greater Reset become a “Reality”, Please let me know. My resume is attached. Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.


DNA, author of Putting my People on Blast

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