Musical Performer/ Band
So/Below is an upcoming Psychedelic Reggae Dub band from the north side of Houston,TX That has been breathing life into venues across the nation. Having already made a solid impact in the short amount of time since they were established in 2018, They’ve been Turning heads in the music scene of Houston and across the country after visiting 40 cities in the United States with The Liberate Your Mind Tour in 2018 sponsored by Their relentless drive has also developed them a reputation that has put them in front of crowds with national touring acts such as Mike Love, The Irie, The Late Ones, The Supervillains, Tunnel Vision, Bubba Love,Tree House, Sensi Trails, Peter Dante from “Water Boy”, and many more! Nonetheless there is an uplifting energy and sense of calmness that comes after seeing a So/Below performance. It’s something that’ll leave you wanting more everytime!

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free.

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