Surveillance, Education, and Human Capital – Unlearning for the 4IR

On Tuesday January 26, 2021, Julianne Romanello spoke at the inaugural The Greater Reset Activation! Julianne will be speaking about the dark realities of how the education system, the surveillance state, and human capital bonds are affecting the future of education.

Julianne Romanello earned her doctorate in Political Philosophy from Baylor University (Waco, Texas) in 2012 upon completing her dissertation, “Political Philosophy and the Divine Ground: Eric Voegelin on Plato.” While at Baylor, Ms. Romanello earned the Richard D. Huff Distinguished Graduate Student in Political Science Award and passed Ph.D. comprehensive examinations with distinction. She had teaching roles in lower- and upper-division courses in subjects ranging from Political Philosophy and Literature to Environmental Policy and participated in several editing projects with senior faculty members (e.g. Professor Thomas Hibbs’ Arts of Darkness: Film Noir and the Religious Quest [Dallas, Texas: Spence Publishing, 2007] and issues of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly). She also served as an editorial intern for Rhetoric & Public Affairs, published by Michigan State University Press and the Department of Communication at Baylor University.

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