What Does Agorism Look Like in Real Life? Panel Discussion

By Sal Mayweather

Want to understand what Agorism is? Not sure how to be a “Counter-Economist”? Then this is the panel for you! Featuring Mike Swatek and Sal Mayweather.

Sal Mayweather is a practicing counter-economist, crypto-anarchist, & dedicated Rothbardian. He is the host The Agora podcast, publisher of The New Libertarian blog & CEO of Agoristics.

Mike is a retired engineer with an established remote homestead and is a freedom cell liaison in his area. His agorist business is PPM Silver which manufactures and direct sells unique, high silver concentration, personal care products that kill all microbes and change lives. He is the founder of Mid-Continent Liberty Festival (MidFest) for a stateless society, in the western Ozarks which will happen again in April. Agorist.Market is another of his creations where agorist business listings are free. It took off during the Black Market Friday promotion in November and recently expanded with ShopAgorist, like CraigsList, for Agorists.

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