Antipodean Reset – What an Adventure

By Michela & Fabrizio

About This Entry

Filmed in South of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia
We are a life journey couple who are pleased to have found so many like-minded, heart centred souls on this amazing, adventuresome and inspiring journey to a life of liberation, self-expression and connection to others across our planet. The Greater Reset has been something we have been searching for for a long time however we weren't necessarily able to articulate until we came across this beautiful, generous and supportive network of people across the globe. It feels great to know there are so many others on this journey as at times it can seem lonesome, challenging and overwhelming so heartfelt gratitude to every single one go you. Thank you to the Team at The Greater Reset - we are so very appreciative for all you do notwithstanding we are at the other end of the world. Fabrizio & Michela

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