Authentic Relating : Meet Deeper with Ram & Miia


Ram and Miia

January 26, 2022

1:00 pm

Green Space Across the Road from Main Venue

COST: From $5 USD / 100 pesos


Dare to bring yourself... Dare to show what's really alive... Share your truth... See deeply into another... Face your social fears... Cry, laugh, feel deeply.

The very basis of creating a harmonious coexistence on this planet, is our connection to each other. It is the understanding that we are reflections of one another. Through intimacy we can see each other deeply and take each other as part of ourselves. As we do this we create trust and belonging and can finally end the zero sum game we play with each other and the Earth. Being able to step into intimacy is also the foundation for successful and fulfilling community living, which we see will have a big role on New Earth.

We invite you to an experience of deeper relating, where we plunge underneath the surface, and take off the masks. Bring your true self and let's PLAY!

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LOCATION: Green space across the road from event:

About Your Teachers:
♥ Ram is an experienced shadow work deep diver, specializing in trauma/ emotional healing. He can go to the deepest depths of your shadows and help you to integrate your darkest aspects.

♥ Miia is a channeler with a clear vision. She helps people to see themselves more clearly, to become more embodied human beings and to come back to their natural innocent state.

Find Their Work:
Ram Alsaman

Miia Kuronen

New Earthlings YouTube

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