Adriana Flores

January 31, 2022

8:00 pm

Event Venue - Hacienda San Agustin

COST: $150 USD / $3,000 MX


Healing with ancestral medicine, with wonderful results where we heal body and spirit.

The ceremony will take place on January 31st near the community of Santiago Undameo, in a beautiful cabin surrounded by trees. It lasts all night.

With Ayahuasca from Peru, you will be guided through the process by a team of professionals.

Your contribution to the ceremony includes transportation to and from, the overnight accommodations, the necessary medicine, snuff or yopo, and a light breakfast the next day.

Preparation: Ayahuasca requires preparation. Prior to your medicinal journey with Ayahuasca please omit the consumption of red meats 15 days before. The day prior to the ceremony, have your last meal at the latest 2pm and only drink water until the time comes. There will be a light breakfast prepared for you the morning after.

We will meet for departure at 8pm at the event venue - Hacienda Don Agustin. This will be the same location for drop off after the ceremony.

Cost per person is $150 USD or $3,000 MX(includes transportation, accommodations, medicine, light breakfast)

Must RSVP with Adriana Email: adrianitaflo.af@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 4434406864

Adriana Flores will be your host for this ceremonial experience. She speaks both English and Spanish and is native to Morelia. She herself has worked with the medicine peoples and their medicine. You truly are in good hands.

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