Coherence: Energetic Sovereignty



January 30, 2022

1:00 pm

Room Capilla in Main Venue

COST: $15 USD / $ 300 pesos


Energy is Currency. The body is electric. The sun is electric, the earth is electric, your movements produce energy, your brain and heart emit EMF fields. To understand energy is to understand what makes the body and the whole universe move.

We are an energetic intelligence by nature. Behind the solidity of matter are interwoven forms, dynamics and fields imperceptible to the common senses.

Understanding these frequencies resizes the perception of yourself, of your reality. It activates a natural power that allows you to regulate and adapt to external changes through techniques and practical tools to manifest and sustain a life in full COHERENCE.

TIME: Sunday, January 30th 1:00pm
LOCATION: Room Capilla in Main Venue (Events Hacienda Don Agustin, Perif. Paseo de la Republica 95, Felix Ireta)

Contribution: $15 USD / $ 300 pesos - $30 Usd with Bioenergetic Scan with Personalized Health Needs.
RSVP: Gabriel / Telegram : @Maghael or +52 442 777 84 13

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