Day Trip to Etúcuaro


Adriana Flores

January 24, 2022

8:00 am

Meeting at Event Center - Hacienda Don Agustin

COST: $100 USD / $2000 MX


Walk to a beautiful mountainous area, full of mystery, charm and fun activities that will fill us with energy.

The departure will be at 8:00 a.m from the event center the event is taking place - Hacienda Don Agustin. Upon arrival, we will have breakfast and there will be a walk where we will arrive to climb the zip line, glass bridge and a motorcycle ride for whoever wishes. We will arrive at the pools of healing hot springs and in that area they will serve us a delicious lunch. We finish eating and we will return to Morelia.

Cost per person is 2,000 pesos / $100 USD (includes transportation & meals)

Must RSVP with Adriana Email: Whatsapp: 4434406864

Bring comfortable clothes, shoes for a hike and a bathing suit if you wish to swim in the hot springs.

Adriana Flores is your guide for the excursions. She is native to Morelia and is passionate about her hometown. She is looking forward to sharing beautiful experiences with you, sharing about the history as well as the culture and answering all of your questions. Adriana speaks both English and Spanish.

You truly are in good hands!

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