Instant Remedies – Essential Oils 101 with Eve Colantoni


Eve Colantoni

January 27, 2022

11:00 am

Room Diligencia in Main Venue

COST: Free/Gratis


No job? No doctor. Are you prepared? Join Eve Colantoni, CHC and learn how to use natural solutions for your family’s health care challenges right in your own home with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

LOCATION: Room Diligencia in Main Venue (Events Hacienda Don Agustin, Perif. Paseo de la Republica 95, Felix Ireta)

Confidently learn how to support:

- Colds, cough and fever

- Burns, stings, rashes, cuts and wounds

- Indigestion and stomach upset

-Muscle and joint aches, and pains

- Stress, anxious feelings, and low moods

- Better sleep and more energy

24-hour emergency care in your own home on your terms!

Completely free workshop! Thursday Jan 27th 11:00am - 12:00pm


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