Kambo Ceremony


Adriana Flores

January 25, 2022

8:00 am

Event Venue - Hacienda San Agustin

COST: $90 USD / 1,800 pesos


There will be a Kambo ceremony, ancestral medicine with which, among other things, we will strongly strengthen our immune system. In this ceremony we include four medicines: Kambo, Rape, Xananga and Chilkuague. The ceremony has a duration of three hours, given by the master healer Orion Maldonado.

There are preparation measurements that must be taken prior to the Kambo ceremony. It is asked to not eat meat the day before and to have your last meal at the latest 2pm. Water fast all the way through the rest of the day and into the morning. The ceremony will take place during your water fast and Orion will share with you what is best and at what time to consume food again. Thank you.

The ceremony will be held at the event venue and begins at 8am and goes til 12pm. There will be plenty of time to eat after, relax and join the evening tour and dinner in Morelia.

Adriana Flores will be your host for this ceremonial experience. She speaks both English and Spanish and is native to Morelia. She herself has worked with the medicine peoples and their medicine.

You truly are in good hands!

Cost per person is $90 USD / 1,800 pesos

Must RSVP with Adriana Email: adrianitaflo.af@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 4434406864


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