Shamanic Breathwork Journey with Nathan Fallou


Nathan Fallou

January 28, 2022

12:00 pm

Room Diligencia in Main Venue

COST: $20USD/400pesos ($30USD/600pesos with Rapé)


Shamanic Breathwork

This is an active meditation journey into the innate medicine magic which is within us all. It is a dance on the breath, guided by diverse powerful shamanic medicine musics. Musics which contain their own intelligence, and have been guiding the human spirit into healing trance simply by conscious activation of breath for eons. Whether these music traditions are Sufi or animist, ceremonial or secular, east or west, they are unified by the universally accessible elements of physicality of sound and circularity of rhythm. It is via these 2 dimensions of energy that the musics communicate directly with the body’s intelligence and the human circular breath.

The breathwork journey is a safe container for all forms of physical/vocal/emotional engagement, expression, process, release, and transcendence.

LOCATION: Room Diligencia in Main Venue (Events Hacienda Don Agustin, Perif. Paseo de la Republica 95, Felix Ireta)

Feel free to bring your own instruments as well as voices.

Come get high on your own supply, shake out your demons, and discover your own inner shaman.

There will be the option to receive rapé sacred plant medicine before the journey.

Friday January 28 12:00pm - 2:00pm

RSVP please. To Nathan on Telegram @symmetricscars. Please indicate if you wish to receive rapé.


$20 (400 pesos)
$30 (600 pesos) with rapé (Immaculate quality medicine, including haptic and vocal integration support)

What is rapé ?

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