Tour of Centro of Morelia


Adriana Flores

January 25, 2022

5:00 pm

Cathedral of Morelia

COST: $70 USD / 1,400 pesos


The capital of the state of Michoacan boasts spectacular beauty, so it was no surprise that it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Morelia is unique, from the moment you walk through its historic center framed by pink quarry buildings with colonial touches and showing off som eof its magnificent Baroque buildings dating from the 16th century, when it was founded by Spanish settlers.

That is why we will visit the interior of the Cathedral, then we will see the main square and the view of the portals. There we will get on an old-style tram where we will take a brief tour of the historic center. We will go down on the Fray Antonio de San Miguel road, we will walk through it and there we will arrive at a restaurant at dinnertime where the joyful music of the Estudiantina de Morelia will entertain.

Meeting at 5pm at the Cathedral de Morelia in Centro.

Adriana Flores is your guide for the excursions. She is native to Morelia and is passionate about her hometown. She is looking forward to sharing beautiful experiences with you, sharing about the history as well as the culture and answering all of your questions. Adriana speaks both English and Spanish.

You truly are in good hands!

Cost per person is $70 USD / 1,400 pesos (includes transportation & meals)

Must RSVP with Adriana Email:
Whatsapp: 4434406864

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