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What is the greater reset?

The Greater Reset Activation is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.

We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice.

We invite you to join us for 5 days of discussion about the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom.




Watch 30+ Sessions from the first greater reset

Topics Include food solutions sustainability homesteading health education community decentralization cryptocurrency digital revolution alternative social media

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Foster Gamble: Proven Principles and Processes for Effective Solutions Groups
Bonus Day of Solutions

Foster spoke about practical tips for getting your local community organized and how to activate your freedom group!

Jonathan Ramirez: Subsistence and Survival in an Age of Instability
Bonus Day of Solutions

In an age of an increasing instability, we must begin to ask the question: “what are the most resilient farming and survival systems?”

Christina Hildebrand: COVID Vaccines and Mandates – where do you go from here?
Bonus Day of Solutions

Christina speaks about the covid vaccines and mandates, and what you need to know to protect yourself.

Will Tuttle: Animal Liberation, Human Liberation, and the Great Reset
Bonus Day of Solutions

Dr. Tuttle shared his views on The Greater Reset and how he believes we must aim for animal liberation, as well as human liberation.

Teresa Montanino: Working Together to Take Back the Land
Bonus Day of Solutions

Teresa spoke about her venture Bplanty and how to reconnect local food systems to empower the people.

Stephen Brooks: The Global Redesign: Its Time for the World We Have Always Dreamed Of
Day 5: Community

Stephen discusses his experience building community in Costa Rica and advice for those wanting to building intentional communities.

How To Activate Your Freedom Cells (Panel)
Day 5: Community

Derrick and John hosted a panel 3 active Freedom Cell Organizers: Yohan in India, Nicole in Tennessee, and Lisa in Oklahoma.

Ted Rau: Sociocracy as a Solution for Community Organizing
Day 5: Community

Self-governance is critical to serve a group’s or community’s needs in a way that meets their actual core needs, in their own way.

Rebecca Powers: So you want to live in intentional community? Join the club!
Day 5: Community

Rebecca Powers will be sharing tips and tricks to manifest your tribe to build an intentional community.

Ramiro Romani: You Are a Crypto Anarchist
Day 4: Digital Revolution

Ramiro spoke about the launch of his new counter-economic marketplace, Aboveground.Market

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