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In 2020, The Freedom Cell Network launched The Greater Reset Activation, a 5-day hybrid online and in-person gathering focused on promoting practical solutions, decentralization, permaculture, privacy, individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and freedom of choice.

What started as a response to a tyrannical push by governments around the world, has now evolved to be a movement which focuses on solutions – not because we live in fear, but because we know that we are here on this planet to effect real world change and leave behind a better world for the coming generations. We are a movement dedicated to decentralization, localization, individual and collective healing, community, and liberty.

This is Our Story.

The Greater Reset Activation was our response to the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative. In June 2020, the WEF called for using the COVID19 panic to reset the world and shift it towards a digital panopticon with facial recognition, social credit scores, censorship, and the Metaverse all powered by tyrannical AI. This world would shame private ownership and travel all in the name of “collective good”.

The Freedom Cell Network recognized that solutions were more important than ever.

In October 2020, John Bush and Derrick Broze, co-founders of The FCN, began discussing the need for an event that could give genuine hope and practical solutions to the free hearts and minds of the world.

January 2021 –  The Greater Reset Activation

We launched the movement with John hosting in Central Texas and Derrick hosting in southern Mexico. We had 100,000 live viewers throughout our first event and we were blown away by the response from around the world!

It became clear to us that many people were finally ready to focus on solutions. We decided to continue with more in person gatherings to see how many people we could reach with the solutions mindset.

May 2021 – The Greater Reset 2: Activation to Expansion

We followed up the first Activation with The Greater Reset 2: Expansion, simulcasting live to two audiences in Central Texas and Central Mexico! For TGR2 we took a deeper look at our 5 themes: Health (Physical, Mental, & Spiritual), Permaculture & Food Independence, Parallel Systems, Decentralized Technology, and Community Building.

Once again we were blown away with the response so we decided to host TGR once a year in January, with a live in-person gathering in Texas, and another one in Mexico.

2022-2023 – The Greater Reset 3: Integration / The Greater Reset 4: Co-Creation

We returned with TGR3: Integration in January 2022, and TGR4: Co-Creation in January 2023. Both of these events were wildly successful, with 100’s of attendees in person, and 1000’s more tuning in from more than 20 countries online. Beginning with TGR3, the Mexico Activation was moved from Zihuatanejo to Morelia, Mexico.

2024 – The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation

We concluded our initial trajectory with The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation, emphasizing the action needed to manifest our vision for 2030 and beyond. TGR5 was an empowering experience for all who attended!

This was also the beginning of a new evolution for this solutions movement we co-created.

The Evolution

The Greater Reset Activation began as a hybrid online and in-person event in Central Texas and Mexico in 2020.

In 2024, after 4 years and 5 successful events, John Bush, Derrick Broze and team announced that starting in January 2025, The Greater Reset in Mexico would be called “The People’s Reset”. The People’s Reset will stick to the same 5 core themes and continue to broadcast a free livestream for all 5 days of the Activation.

John Bush also announced exciting plans to continue hosting an in-person TGR Activation in Central Texas starting in 2025!  Additionally, John plans to host virtual symposium style events with leaders, innovators, activists, and entrepreneurs collaborating to to accelerate their impact when it comes to “Exiting and Building”.

The Future

In May 2024, we launched The People’s Reset: UK, to be held in Bath, UK in September 2024.

Our goal is to continue to expand the Activations all around the world until we are spreading our message on every continent.

Join us. It’s Time to get Activated.
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