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What is the greater reset?

The Greater Reset Activation is the world’s collective response to the World Economic Forum’s Initiative: The Great Reset.

We offer an alternative to the WEF’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and choice.

We invite you to join us for 5 days of discussion about the diverse opportunities available for those who seek to live in harmony with humanity and the planet, while respecting our innate freedom.



Project World School

Watch 30+ Sessions from the first greater reset

Topics Include food solutions sustainability homesteading health education community decentralization cryptocurrency digital revolution alternative social media

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Brady Gaisser: Preparing the World for DWeb
Day 4: Digital Revolution

Brady shared the vision of the Dweb team that is hoping to decentralize the entire internet experience.

Matt McKibbin: Dance Like Nobody is Watching But Encrypt Like Everyone Is! Data Privacy and Ownership Tools 101
Day 4: Digital Revolution

Matt spoke about the necessary tools for protecting yourself online and protecting your data.

ArcturianX: Using Blockchain for Decentralized Organizing
Day 4: Digital Revolution

Arc spoke about GovernorDAO, a project focused on decentralizing social organizations (businesses, non-profits, freedom cells) using blockchain based applications.

It’s Time To Embrace Alternative Social Media! (Panel)
Day 4: Digital Revolution

On Thursday January 28, 2021, Jeremy Kaufman and This panel will feature the CEO’s of LBRY and Flote, two recent additions to the growing “alternative” social media landscape. If you are not using these platforms you need to check them out!

Jack Spirko: Producing Protein with Back Yard Aquaculture and Small Livestock
Day 3: Reconnecting to Nature

Jack shared tips for how a carnivore homesteader can produce protein in their backyard.

Christian Westbrook: The Greater Food Transformation
Day 3: Reconnecting to Nature

Christian spoke about the current attempt to transform the food supply and take away the people’s access to food. Christian presented solutions for overcoming this monumental task.

Marjory Wildcraft: What’s Changing and How to Thrive in 2021
Day 3: Reconnecting to Nature

Marjory speaks about what to expect in the rapidly changing world of 2021 and how to be prepared.

Activating Your Homestead (Panel) Feat. Marjory Wildcraft, Jack Spirko, and Christian Westbrook
Day 3: Reconnecting to Nature

Marjory Wildcraft, Jack Spirko, and Christian Westbrook discussed beginner tips for people beginning a homestead.

Julianne Romanello: Surveillance, Education, and Human Capital – Unlearning for the 4IR
Day 2: Health & Education

Julianne will be speaking about the dark realities of how the education system, the surveillance state, and human capital bonds are affecting the future of education.

Kelly Brogan and Sayer Ji: Our Spiral Path - Remembering Love in a Time of Division
Day 2: Health & Education

Kelly and Sayer spoke about what it means to love in this time of division and chaos. They explored various themes related to reclaiming sovereignty, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

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