Klaus Schwab Wants to Gain Your Trust – Don’t Give Him Your Attention!






In less than a week more than 100 governments, major international organizations, civil society “leaders” and so-called experts, as well as news outlets will gather in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s 54th annual meeting.

This gathering of influential and powerful people presents itself as good people coming together to do what they can to save the world. And, to be sure, there are indeed good people who attend these types of meetings.

Unfortunately, these well-intentioned folks have fallen for the propaganda that the people running organizations like the WEF and the United Nations are truly out to empower and uplift humanity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

No, the WEF, UN, and their partners at the highest level aim to force humanity into a world where digital IDs, digital money, and a surveillance state decide who has the “privilege” of driving a vehicle or choosing what to put on their dinner plate. These psychopaths are convinced they are the good guys and will do anything, ANYTHING to achieve their goals of Agenda 2030 aka The Great Reset.

This is why we launched The Greater Reset Activation in 2020.

We recognize that our world is in a state of despair – war, violence, poverty, environmental degradation. We want a better world. But, we want to have a say in it. We reject the idea that we need the WEF to shape the future for humanity.

We wanted to give the people of the world an alternative gathering to tune into. Rather than obsessing over Klaus Schwab and his club, why not spend 5 days listening to solutions for building a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, and freedom of choice?

That’s what we will be doing next week, January 17-21st, instead of watching Schwab’s every move and word.

We invite you to unplug from the fear and doom, and tune in to the movement that is Activating people to take concrete, practical steps in their lives that can, and will, empower them in the near term, and liberate them in the long term.

Our goal is nothing short of building parallel systems that allow millions of people to opt out of the techno-tyranny that the “Powers-That-Wish-They-Were” have in mind.

So, the choice is yours.

The WEF, or The Greater Reset, aka The People’s Reset.

Join 100’s of freedom-loving, solutionaries from January 17-21, 2024 live in Morelia, Mexico, or tune in online for FREE!

See the full speakers lineup here.

Check out the full schedule here!

Thanks for the support!


– The Greater Reset Team –






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