We’ve learned through producing countless conferences, tours, and events around the world that people everywhere have the will & capacity to change their local towns. This year we’ll provide you a blueprint for creating an ‘Activation Hub’ in your hometown. From this hub, you’ll be the one to start an positive organic social movement in your local area. 

This is how you can change the world. Join a hub near you or start your hub today.

What is an Activation Hub?

  • Activation Hubs are autonomous events that are planned by YOU and your community. They can take any form or size, as simple as inviting your friends & family over to watch the event, or expansive as taking place at a local venue, with various activities scheduled throughout like markets, food shares, workshops, and activism.  

When should I plan them?

  • Plan your hub around and during the 5 Days Of The Greater Reset (Jan 18 – 22nd, 2023). You can center your activities around watching the live streams, which play from 10 AM – 5 PM (UTC-6). 

Why should I start a hub?

  • The hub is designed to connect communities together, forming parallel systems, markets, and leaders who organize them. You will work with people in your community to put this event together. You will get to know the business owners, food producers, skilled creators, activists, and promoters. Together you’ll be able to plan meaningful activities like garden days, community service, meditations, and workshops. You will begin to transform your town if you market your event outside of your circles, using The Greater Reset designs (which will be provided) to print out flyers/stickers that can be spread around town. This will bring followers & customers to your event and the organizations involved. Relationships will be built that sustain your community and its independent projects in the future.  



COMMUNITY: Invite some friends over to watch The Greater Reset.
Enjoy the talks together. Take action on what you learn! 


PERMACULTURE: Have guests bring organic vegetables, cook together, trade seeds, and work on the garden together. 


COMMUNITY: Partner with a location organization or Freedom Cell, collaboratively decide on a venue and activities. Coordinate to expand your event’s reach to other people. 


NETWORKS: Reach out to a local business owner to secure a venue. Reach out to local vendors to sell their goods at your event. Use alternative currency, bartering, and cryptocurrency. 


TECHNOLOGY: Gather emails & contact information from attendees. 


NETWORKS: Print out flyers & stickers promoting your event, and then spread the word in your local area. Pass out flyers and put up stickers with your team. 


MIND, BODY, SOUL: Perform a group meditation, counseling, discussion, or healing session at your event. 


TECHNOLOGY: Create a website or event page. Design a graphic, and have your group spread on social medias. Make sure to have the date/time, contact information, and other important information.


NETWORKS: Bring in local educators to teach workshop and classes. 


COMMUNITY: Form a Freedom Cell or another independent community organization. Continue to have meeting and events indefinitely into the future. 

List Your Hub

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