Blue Lotus


Blue Lotus is the vibrant ringleader of the witty guerilla garden crew, The Vegilantes. They believe healthy produce should be freely available and combine the healing power of food and humor. Vegilantes may be spotted planting tomatoes behind fast food restaurants, rescuing seedlings from greenhouse composts or transforming vacant lots, because “Plants don’t need permission.” and neither do you. After the township interfered with a community garden created at her local park, Blue Lotus decided to plant free vegetables in her front yard. That idea grew into a produce trade stand to demonstrate mutual benefit to the neighborhood. It has blossomed organically into a diverse sidewalk market. This stand has served as a working example for her trade and barter website under development. Inspired by the abundance of produce growing, she created a line of salsa and soups sold under the name, Cosmic Spoon. Blue uses her skills as an artist to create truth-based cards and stickers, available to download and print for free and never leaves without a pile of her own designs to distribute. She is passionate about natural medicine and works with a local hemp farm to help grow, process and sell their products, A-Z CBD. Most of her energy is dedicated to Daylight Rising, a radiant community of artists, musicians, teachers, healers, builders, family and friends, inspiring sovereignty through conscious creation. A focus is placed on the power of the arts to ignite a cultural renaissance. She spends her time organizing events and workshops, networking and directing creative projects. The Vegilantes- Humorous guerilla garden crew. Daylight Rising Media,, Truth based cards, stickers and flyers, free to download, print and distribute. Daylight Rising,, A radiant community of family and friends, inspiring sovereignty through conscious creation. Cosmic Gardens,, Front yard community garden and trade stand. A-Z CBD,, CBD products from local hemp farmers, involved in every step of the manufacturing process, from growth to production. – Trade website seeking web development

guerilla gardening / activism

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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