Dr. Kat Donnelly and Sundarajan aka "SUN" Mutialu


Kat A. Donnelly is a systems thinker, designer, and implementer with 30 plus years of experience in several domains, such as horticulture, healthcare, energy efficiency, clean energy, and transportation. She sees that everything is connected. What we eat and consume into our bodies affects our well-being and the well-being of the planet and our communities, and vice versa. Her drive to create regenerative food systems came about when she met Sundarajan and is fed by her own personal journey from sick to true self, holistic wellness. Born an environmentalist and trained into a systems engineer, Kat holds a PhD and two Masters degrees from MIT in large-scale systems, diving down into technology, policy, business, and human behavior solutions. Her research and the application of it drives sustainability, easy climate mitigation, and large-scale grassroots movements.

Sundarajan (aka “SUN) Mutialu
SUN brought the science of biomimicry and regenerative food systems to AZENTIVE, teaching the team to emulate and assist our most important strategic partner: Mother Nature. An inventor of indoor sunlighting, SUN is a renowned expert in plasma physics, advanced materials, and surface modification. He is a serial entrepreneur, (a)visionary, a biomimicry evangelist, and an ontology coach. SUN started his first lawn mowing franchise at age 8 as a scrawny boy fighting the effects of rheumatoid fever and worked his way up to resolving several important Space Shuttle problems stumping the NASA engineers to being a key component in the Bay Area and international music scene. SUN always leads with love and gives much energy and music to help others find love for their true self. His true loves are music, the plant, people, and everything natural on the planet.

the sun / mother nature / biomimicry science

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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