George Wiseman


George Wiseman grew up on a ranch in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada. learning the value of hard work, knowledge and skills. He became a Jack of All Trades and subsequently became a maverick inventor that has changed entire venues with his innovations. He started working with Brown’s Gas in 1986, creating practical machines to apply this amazing gas in applications such as Fuel Saving, Torch-Fuel Gas, Radioactive Neutralization and increasing Crop Production. He has become world-wide recognized and renowned in the practical applications of Brown’s Gas. In 1996 his customers told him of their astonishing healings using Brown’s Gas. It took until 2005 for them to convince Mr. Wiseman to try the Brown’s Gas on himself and he subsequently had substantial health improvements. Currently he has developed a machine specifically optimized to safely provide Brown’s Gas for Health in every home.

health freedom / brown's gas / community / security

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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