Hakeem Anwar

Founder / CEO

Hakeem believes in using technology for good. As a professional software engineer and technologist who was awake to the agenda, Hakeem quickly grew tired of corrupted and misguided corporate work. His heart drew him towards activist movements, in 2019 he began running technology infrastructure for The Freedom Cell Network and The Greater Reset, helping bring countless people all over the world together under one purpose, to live freely. This was the true power of technology. In 2021, Hakeem started #TakeBackOurTech, an educational initiative that publishes free guides on using friendly, private, open-source software. At the same time he founded Above, a privacy first tech company that provides professional private phone and laptop solutions, internet & communications services (email, encrypted chat, video conferencing, VPN, search) along with the support and education to empower people to use their tech confidently.

Pushing the boundaries past digital technology, this year Hakeem wishes to share his research on energetic medicine and its importance in healing ourselves.


privacy / crypto-currency / technology / security / agorism / crypto-anarchy

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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