Illuminati Congo

Hip Hop Artist

Illuminati Congo is a Chicago-based one-of-a-kind project melding hip hop aesthetic with reggae consciousness, imagined and realized by visionary frontman Jahn Da Baptist and backed by production created by Nic the Graduate. The last decade has seen few emcees as prolific and dynamic in lyrical content as Jahn Da Baptist. From cripture imbibed songs like “Shiva Smokin’” to odes about physical immortality on “Eternal Life” to songs celebrating “Bike Ridin’” to the comedic admonishment of “ILLiterate,” Illuminati Congo covers major territory. Jahn’s lyrical dynamism is well complimented by Nic The Graduate’s spectral production, which borrows from hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk and electronic strands.

Illuminati Congo’s sound dissolves the barrier between conscious and unconscious, reggae and hip hop, and light and dark, all the while maintaining a light-hearted, playful, childlike and comedic musical uniqueness. This coupled with Jahn’s global travels teaching yoga as well as his penchant for writing books covering such myriad subject matter as tantra, gnostic Rastafarianism, health, and healing, and alchemy makes Illuminati Congo one of the most interesting musical outfits on the scene.


We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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