A slow deep breath into the body relaxing the nervous system could be the difference between reacting out of fear or courageously responding, feeling paralyzed or intentionally leaping forward. That is why Miriam is passionate about helping others build their meditation practice and acquiring simple yet powerful tools to help them along their everyday journey.

Miriam is an artist, entrepreneur, permaculturist and activist. She started practicing meditation in 2013 and since then has now led over 150 guided group meditations through MedMob (a world flash mob meditation action network), as part of the Conscious Resistance 2017, 2018 and 2021 tours across the US, and in her communities in Houston, TX. During her latest tour, The Activation Tour, she recognized the desire in the Freedom Cell Network (FCN) to meditate together and has since created and led the FCN Meditations initiative. Many teachers and healers in the network have stepped up to lead the meditations and now the network is coming together in a different way than before… to strengthen the mind and heart connection as we collectively work towards facing our greatest challenges and achieving the greatest transformation humanity has gone through – creating a more free and just world.

Miriam is also a co-founder of the Conscious Agora. Along with her partner Derrick Broze, she is creating a network of communities built by free human beings living free of coercion, force and violence. Miriam also recognizes animals as free beings that deserve to live free of coercion, force and violence and has been a co-founder of the Vegans For Freedom and Vegans Against Agenda 2030 initiative.

spirituality / mind body spirit / meditation

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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