Paul Wheaton

Founder of Permies

Paul Wheaton is a powerful advocate of permaculture. He was dubbed the “Duke of Permaculture” by Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer, and the “Bad Boy of Permcaulture” by Occupy Monsanto. Paul is the owner of,,, and Wheaton Labs. He has produced over 600 podcasts, 200 youtube videos and a dozen feature-length films. He has presented at over 100 events around the US, and has written dozens of articles and 2 books on topics ranging from luxuriant environmentalism to homesteading skills. The events he hosts at his property, Wheaton Labs, have resulted in the development of rocket stove and rocket mass heater technology, massive earthworks featuring extensive hugelkultur, solar dehydrators, lots and lots of round wood timberframe structures like a truly passive earth-bermed solar greenhouse and a mega-cheap and luxurious home design called the Wofati, as well as many, many other permaculture innovations.

permaculture / parallel systems

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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