Ramiro Romani

Founder / CEO
Ramiro Romani is a technologist, activist, educator, and entrepreneur who dropped his corporate career to work on meaningful social movements. He is a core member of the Freedom Cell Network, and co-producer of The Greater Reset. He’s helped grow both of these movements to tens and thousands of people while protecting the privacy of their users. Since then he has began educating and assisting others through his own projects. #TakeBackOurTech is an educational initiative that releases free content on how individuals can increase their privacy and security by using friendly technologies. He’s also launched his own company, Above Agency which recently released above.phone – a complete privacy phone solution that combines secure hardware, open-source operating systems, and cutting-edge privacy services. https://takebackourtech.org https://abovephone.com
privacy / crypto-currency / technology / security / agorism / crypto-anarchy

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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