Musical Act

~ SAN finds new ways of defining a duo – spheric sounds mixed with bluesy rhythms, thought provoking lyrics and music to dream along ~

Hello, we are SAN (Samuel and Nathalie) and we make music that moves (in)between different genres, emotions and sonic landscapes defined by spheric sounds, dreamy moods and various, alternative influences. Most of our lyrics are about society, inequality & humanity’s many facets …

For ‘The Greater Reset’ we are honored to include Samuels brother Lukas on the second guitar.
We are excited to travel through the sonic worlds we are creating for you to float and dive into!

Now that we got your attention: we would love to ask for help with another current project: We are planning on doing a little video documentary about our experiences of traveling through Mexico as musicians and we want to inspire through the potential to create and the power we all have inside of us. So if you want to become part of this, please just send us a video (about 5 minutes) of you responding to these two questions:

1. If you would be the most powerful person on this planet, what would you do/change?

2. Describe your thoughts on how much responsibility we as individuals carry for humanity? For whom? And why?

Please send your video to this Email address:

Thank you from heart to heart for supporting us .


We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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