Tia Severino

Journalist, Activist

Advocate, all underpinned by the fierce determination of a Warrior Mama Bear. She played a crucial part in championing the film “Vaxxed” and further extended her impact as Associate Producer for “Vaxxed 2.” Her passion for honest narratives led her to host “The People’s Truth” for an impressive two-and-a-half-year run. As Founder/Director of Next Steps Conferences, Tia masterminds workshops that spotlight transformative speakers to enlighten, inspire, and mobilize attendees. Tia’s talent for forging unity and clarity is invaluable in a world where the desire for change is palpable, but the direction is often unclear. Next Steps Conferences are a beacon for those aiming to cultivate a parallel society.

parallel systems / networking / community building

We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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