Arming Yourself with Courage and Strength

On May 28, 2021 Aaron Hawkins spoke at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion about the importance of mental and spiritual courage during these difficult times.

Aaron Hawkins is most widely known for his online activism via the StormCloudsGathering and the ParadigmfortheNext Generation projects, which are oriented towards working human instinct / psychology to alter the trajectory of history. He has been an anti-war / anti police-state activist since the lead up to the war in Iraq in 2003 and has been building an off-grid permaculture center in the Commonwealth of Dominica since 2015. What is less widely known is the origin story, which traces back to 1999 when at 20 years old, a disillusioned young man walked away from a full paid university scholarship to live out of his backpack for the better part of the next decade. These travels began in the United States but took an extreme turn after sitting ceremony with the Lakota in Arizona and spending many months walking the desert in a region of central Mexico that the Huichol people refer to as Wirikuta. These culminated culminated in a series of visions and experiences which changed his perspective on life, death and spirituality. In one of these vision he saw a great storm on the horizon. Within this storm he saw an era of chaos and upheaval that could not be stopped. There was however a way to avert the worst case scenario. If even a few individuals had the courage to live for something bigger than themselves and risk everything, there was hope for future generations. The key to developing that courage was to face the inevitability of death and to understand the real relationship between ourselves the totality of all that is (aka God).

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