Becoming a Change Agent

By Joe Martino

On Monday May 24, 2021, Joe Martino of Collective-Evolution spoke at The Greater Reset: From Activation to Expansion.

Joe is the founder of Collective Evolution, a media and education company looking to help create a world where we can truly thrive. Deep down he gets a lot out of connecting our individual and collective narratives to world events. Why do we create the world the way it is? What does that tell us about how we can change our world? Joe founded CE as he loves inspiring people to make lasting shifts in their individual consciousness, which sets conditions for deep meaningful change in our world. Part of that story though, is looking at current events and asking big questions, which is where that ‘journalist’ hat comes in. He’s been inspired to set forth a new style of media, something you might call ‘transformative media’ or ‘conscious media.’ It’s media that tells stories without polarity and division. That digs to the ‘truth’ and isn’t afraid to look, and that helps viewers make change in their lives as a result of what they see. It keeps in mine physiological regulation and how difficult it can be for people to change their beliefs as well. He believes humans can make meaningful changes in themselves and in our world faster than we give ourselves credit for, and believes it’s a holistic effort needed to make this happen. He lives in nature, has 3 cats and 3 alpacas. He experiences his life with 1 female human as well.

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