Connecting to Indigenous Wisdom

On Monday May 24, 2021, Chief Grey Eagle spoke at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion!

From Chief GreyEagle (family name Darryl Brown): I am a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma! I live on our grandfathers last of his allotted land when it was Indian Territory before Statehood! It’s our ceremonial grounds also. I was born and raised in this tribal district and Choctaw County of SE Oklahoma. I began this ceremonial way of life once my grandfather crossed over in late 80s. My powerful dreams finally woke me up to the sacred lodges and I started Sundancing with our Dakota relatives on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota in 1996. We received from them a sacred bundle and the elders up north instructed that we would start the Sundance Ceremonies here, and our first one was 1997 in Tvshka, Ok area, (Tvshka in Choctaw means Warrior) and then it moved in 1998 to my grandfather’s land where we’ve been since! I am the caretaker of the Star Medicine Stone, also ancient Counseling Hatchet Stone, along with other various stones that found me along my earth walk that we use in all our ceremonies! I started working for my Choctaw nation and people in 1997 till present dates! I’m honored to be asked by our brothers and sisters of this group to share some of my sacred experiences on Mother Earth 🌎 ~ Yakoke/Pidama I’m Thankful

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