Healing Our Wounds Through Partnership Parenting

By Lainie Liberti + Miro Siegel

On May 28, 2021 Lainie Liberti and son Miró Siegel spoke about healing through the parent-child relationship at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion.

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In 2009, Lainie Liberti, mom, author, community leader, adolescent behavioral specialist, certified teen coach and alternative education advocate and her then 10 year old son son Miró Siegel, set out for what was to be a one year international trip. Lainie chose to educate her son without school, facilitating rich experiential learning and cultural immersion as his classroom. Twelve years and almost fifty countries later the pair are still traveling, living a location independent possession free lifestyle, supporting others in this lifestyle, learning from the world around them. The pair are often credited with birthing the modern worldschooling movement and have spoken at countless conferences about worldschooling, partnership parenting, international community building and global education including conferences in the USA, South Africa, Greece, Slovakia and the TEDx Edu stage in Amsterdam. The mother and son duo co-founded Project World School, facilitating 20+ international retreats for almost 100 teenagers, the Project World School Family Summit which produced seven international worldschooling conferences for hundreds of families around the world and the worldschooling community We Are Worldschoolers, supporting over 10k worldschooling families online.


In 2020, Liberti founded Transformative Mentoring for Teens to support teens virtually by providing community, mentorship and a safe space to address the growing mental health challenges faced by teens today. Miró Siegel, now a 22 year old, grown worldschooler, has since made the shift to the online space where he currently serves as a facilitator for the Hub, an online co-learning space for children and supports tweens mental health through a program offered through Transformative Mentoring for Teens. Miró is passionate about ancient history, mythology, politics, gaming and literature, and is always happy to explore those topics with others.

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