How to Build a DIY Bio Shelter Without Climbing into Debt

Alosha is a natural builder, bio architect and inventor who has synthesized the greatest minds of the planet in the fields of water eco system design, living eco machines, parametric vaulted roof construction and bio geometry to develop a fully autonomous home that can handle most erratic upcoming weather patterns. Since 2000 Alosha Lynov has been developing a curvilinear living habitat that merges nature and catenary shaped interactive play space into a passive permaculture Living Bio Shelter Organism. Wautillarium as he calls it, is able to withstand the extreme cold weather without conventional heating. Just like in an Earthship, the waste water is filtered by food producing water treating botanical cells so that it can be used to flush the toilets and top up the aquaculture ponds. He recently relocated to Northern Russia to develop Wautillarium Eco Home for Subzero t°. Once complete, this permaculture inspired biological eco dwelling will heat and cool itself with laws of physics as well as thermophilic bacteria that thrive on human waste, whilst producing nutritious compost He has been building and funding Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology, a training centre specialising in hands on DIY Bio Architecture infused with Augmented Reality parametric design. His vision is to design and develop economically viable and ecologically thriving eco villages and communities. Together with his wife Zoya, who is skilled in healing deep seated trauma, resolving conflict and shed broken social programs, they assist others in building self sustaining ARCologies (architecture + ecology) that rely on nature and people to collaborate together.

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