How To Love and Defend Your Community

On May 28, 2021 Dale Brown of Detroit Threat Management spoke at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion. Dale Brown is the founder of Detroit Urban Survival Training.

In 1994, Commander Dale Brown began teaching families how to protect themselves on the Eastside of Detroit after a woman was chased off of a bridge and killed. Commander Brown realized that people needed more help than just education. They needed physical protection. Commander Brown found volunteers to protect families from violence. This approach enabled families to have a good quality of life by focusing on prevention of violent predation. Commander Brown teaches tactical psychology as he drives theory in teaching how to understand body language, how to project using non-verbal communication in order to create a non-adversarial interaction, leading to a non-violent outcome. He further emphasizes which the understanding of civil and criminal ramifications of action and inaction as well as how to legally articulate exigent circumstances that may occur in a threatening situation.

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