The Corporatization of Veganism

By Sarina Farb

On January 26, 2022, Sarina Farb spoke at The Greater Reset 3: Integration. Sarina gave a presentation titled “The Corporatization of Veganism, and How Human and Animal Liberation are Interconnected”.

Sarina Farb is midwest based vegan educator, public speaker, and liberation activist working to make world a better place for all beings. Being born and raised vegan in Kansas taught Sarina to think for herself stand for justice even when it’s unpopular. Today Sarina focuses on combining heart and science to empower individuals to think critically, see past corporate propaganda, and to live ethically. Her projects include blogging, creating videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram Born Vegan, and hosting the Science is Gray Podcast. She also currently serves on the Plant-Based Network Advisory Committee, is a member of the American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau, and co-founded and organized the 2020 Climate Diet Summit. Sarina previously spent several years teaching high school chemistry and environmental science in Kansas City, and holds degrees in biochemistry and policy studies from Grinnell College. She is passionate about bringing nuance, and ethics into conversation about science in society. Her work and writings have been featured in numerous publications and books.

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