The Global Redesign: Its Time for the World We Have Always Dreamed Of

On Friday January 29, 2021, Stephen Brooks spoke at the inaugural The Greater Reset Activation. Stephen discusses his experience building community in Costa Rica and advice for those wanting to building intentional communities.

Stephen Brooks has been living for the past 25 years in Costa Rica and is a world leader in creating thriving ecological communities, promoting permaculture practices and fostering sustainable food production models. He is the founder of Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies. In 2006, Stephen co-founded and developed La Ecovilla, a 45 home community in San Mateo, Costa Rica. His most recent addition is Alegria Village, which neighbors La Ecovilla. Stephen, also co-founded and co-produces the annual Envision Festival. In addition, he has hosted several television shows on the Travel Channel, Discovery, ABC and guided Zac Efron on his recent visit to Costa Rica for his latest show on Netflix!

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