What is Veganic Permaculture?

By Derrick Broze

On Tuesday May 25, 2021 Derrick Broze spoke at The Greater Reset: Activation to Expansion about Veganic Permaculture.

Derrick Broze is an author, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and activist originally from Houston, now based in Mexico. In 2010, Derrick founded the activist alliance The Houston Free Thinkers, organizing protests, music festivals, community gardens, skillshares, and other community events. Derrick has been producing videos, essays, and articles since 2011. In 2011, he began broadcasting his radio show Free Thinker Radio, which continues to air on 90.1 KPFT in Houston. In 2013, he founded The Conscious Resistance Network, a site dedicated to multimedia journalism that exposes corporate and governmental corruption while highlighting solutions. In 2015, he began writing books and has released one every year since. He co-authored The Conscious Resistance trilogy with John Vibes and authored The Holistic Self-Assessment. His most recent work’s are How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State and The Conscious Resistance Trilogy final edition. Derrick started writing and producing documentaries in 2015. Since 2013, he has spoken in the United States, Europe, and Central America. His goal is to create The Conscious Agora of free humans who desire to be coercion, force, and violence.

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