California FTB Fighters

By Christi Grab

About This Entry

Filmed in San Diego, CA
I am hoping that I can help hamper the WEF's Great Reset by taking out a key government agency needed to execute the WEF's plans. I have caught California's income tax agency, the Franchise Tax Board, committing a series of crimes in order to overcharge taxpayers. Proof here: I am currently suing the FTB in San Diego Superior Court, and posting information online so that others can use it in their own fight against FTB's corruption: Later this year, I am going to try to collapse the FTB entirely by filing a federal class-action criminal complaint for FTB's crimes against taxpayers. I am also working on a documentary series to expose the corruption, in hopes that it also builds public pressure to dismantle the FTB. You can watch the documentary at the FTBFighter channels on YouTube and Odysee. My goal os to replace the FTB with a new tax agency created by the people to properly serve the people.

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