Turn On, Tune In, Co-create the People’s Reset

By R. Bretminster Fullofit

About This Entry

Filmed in US Global Nomad currently in Poole, UK
Well... What better way to make my debut in the community then to share my passions with this video as part of the 'Stories of activation from around the world' from The Greater Reset community!! My name is Bret, and my game is Bretminster Fullofit :) It's wonderful to be here with kindred souls, I'll look forward to meeting many of you, as well as the process of eXodus from mainstream social media to more aligned platforms. Big <3 Bretminster If you dig the share, my Bio has more info and links to Togetherland and my longer Bio there which links to all that I am into, sharing and in love with. www.togetherland.life www.mokshafoundation.life

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