Above.Market: A first look at an Agorist & Crypto-Anarchist Marketplace

By Ramiro Romani

On May 27th, 2021 Ramiro Romani spoke at The Greater Reset: Activation To Expansion. Ramiro showcased a prototype of above.market, a crypto-commerce marketplace where you can anonymously buy & sell goods for crypto with a global community.

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Check out above-agency, a digital agency founded by Ramiro that produced the tech & assets for The Greater Reset. It offers web hosting, development, design, privacy services, and more!

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Ramiro Romani is a technologist, software engineer, writer, and activist who is spreading the message of freedom & love through the use of technology. He has been instrumental in supporting the Freedom Cell Network since 2019, and co-produced The Greater Reset Activations I and II. These experiences lead him to start a number of ventures. above.market: the world’s first crypto-commerce marketplace where you can buy and sell goods anonymously for crypto-currency. neo-network: A content publication for technology / privacy news that is focused on solutions. above-agency: A digital agency that provides private & secure software services that don’t sell your data.

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