Jax Freedom Cells

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Filmed in Florida
I'm still so new and awkward with doing videos so there's plenty I wish I'd said and didn't. This is all part of the three main things I wanted to accomplish in 2021 and have done a lot of already. I wanted to get my work out to a bigger audience (and not just in my small art scene), get at least some crypto (ny channel on Odysee got me started on that) and finding out if I had what it takes to hunt for my own food - the meat of 5 feral pigs in my freezer checks that box well enough. I'm amazed at how well our local Freedom Cell has established itself. We meet pretty regularly and have a good mix of personalities and range of skills. Since the last Greater Reset event, I hosted a local seed & plant swap and found out that there's something about sharing such things that brings out optimism and motivation in folks.

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