Greater Reset / Freedom Cell Family,

Derrick Broze here with an extremely exciting announcement….

After 4 years and 5 solutions-focused events, we’re bringing the Activation to the UK!

The People’s Reset: UK
“Our Summit for Our Future”
September 27-29, 2024
Apex Hotel, Bath, UK

That’s right – our empowering gathering is coming to Bath, UK from September 27 to 29th!

We are bringing some of our favorite speakers from the first 4 Activation’s to Bath, and will also be featuring more than a dozen speakers from the UK and Europe!

Our current speaker lineup includes previous speakers Dan Astin-Gregory, Miriam Gomez, Hakeem Anwar, David Rodriguez, Emma Sron, Yoshi and Pola Pantera, Lydia and Arturo Ponce de Leon, and yours truly. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements!

We will be highlighting our usual 5 themes over 3 wonderful days:

– Liberate Your Mind, Body, and Soul
– Permaculture & Food Independence
– Parallel Networks
– Take Back Our Tech
– Building Free & Conscious Communities

We will also be featuring some of the most talented conscious musicians, including Prezence and 33!

Finally, we will be bringing the decentralized workshops to the UK! This is one of our favorite parts of the Activation because this is where you can contribute by hosting a workshop to share your favorite knowledge or skills with the community. Stay tuned for more details!

We invite you to join us this September 27-29th in Bath, UK for 3 days of inspiring solutions-focused talks, uplifting music, and community building as we focus on creating a better world for the coming generations.

But, before we tell you how to buy tickets, you might be wondering why the event is subtitled, “Our Summit for the Future”.

Well, this September, the United Nations is meeting in New York City for the “Summit of the Future” where member states are expected to sign something called “The Pact for the Future”. In short, this meeting is another huge step towards one world government.

So, just as we countered the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative with “The Greater Reset”, we are now seeking to offer an alternative to the UN’s Summit of the Future with our own Summit. At this gathering, we will once again reject their plans and focus on our own vision of the future.

Get Your Tickets Now!


Be one of the first 50 people to purchase a ticket and get it at the Super Early Bird Price of £200 (or about $250 USD)!

After we sell out the first 50 tickets, we will sell them at the Early Bird Price of £250 (around $313 USD) for the whole month of May!

Beginning June 1st, all tickets will be sold at £300 (about $375 USD)!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support our efforts to build a better world for the coming generations. Together we can create the world we know humanity deserves.

See you in Bath!

– Derrick Broze

P.S. – If you are new to The People’s Reset, here’s some background on our movement:

The People’s Reset offers an alternative to the World Economic Forum and United Nation’s top-down, centralized, authoritarian vision. Our desire is to help all people find community and liberty by providing practical steps and knowledge for co-creating a world that respects individual liberty, bodily autonomy, mutual aid, and choice.

In 2020, The Freedom Cell Network launched The Greater Reset Activation to give genuine hope and practical solutions to the free hearts and minds of the world. From January 2021 to January 2024, we hosted 5 Activations live in Central Texas and Central Mexico.

After The Greater Reset 5: Manifestation in Morelia, Mexico, our Mexico crew rebranded our gathering as The People’s Reset, with John Bush continuing to host events in Texas under the banner The Greater Reset.

In May 2024, we are launching The People’s Reset: UK in Bath, UK as we continue to expand our solutions-focused movement around the world.






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