Kenny Palurintano

Cooperative Component at the Infinite Universe

A lifelong anarchist, Kenny has been living out of a backpack since 2015, trust-falling the Universe every day, and starving the state in every way he can. After being a full-time content creator for more than half a decade, Kenny “retired from the internet” in early 2022, and has been happier ever since.

Since last TGR, he spent a solid 3 months just relaxing in nature & reading books, before going full steam into producing a 1-day conference called BE EMPOWERED, helping revitalize WeAreChangeColorado, co-producing the Buddha’s Underground US tour, creating & publishing a zine of Johnny Hurley’s writings, and stepping up in his role as a music promoter/manager/agent.

Besides promoting human liberation, individual sovereignty, and agorism, Kenny is known world-wide as a Food Medicine chef, teaches Authentic Relating & Communication courses, is a massive science fiction & fantasy geek, and is quite sure that full-on Spiritual Anarchist Star Trek is no more than a few generations away.

Kenny’s online appearances are collected here:

Kenny’s collected writings (in the form of a limited edition 5-zine set) are available for $20 here.


We are powerful.
We are beautiful.
We are free. 

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