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Permaculture Designer

At The Greater Reset IV, Yoshi Pantera and Pola Pantera are going to share the importance of why in order to co-create a better world, all of humanity needs to consider regenerating their cultures.

Cultures worldwide practice many habits that are not conscious about Mother Earth’s systems and how all living beings are interconnected and interdependent to each other. Even though this information is available and known, there is not enough practice or effort for change.

Yoshi and Pola Pantera will share actionable solutions on how building communities with regenerative principles, regenerative habits, regenerative tools and ancestral wisdom can help accelerate the process from personal mental, physical and spiritual healing into taking radical community action for a better world. Thus, regenerating cultures.

If you are planning to exit the current degenerative system, to start an intentional community, ecovillage, or a self-sufficient home or farm, you must first learn to establish a healthy relationship with yourself, and then with your family and community. If you jump this step, there may be possibilities of community failure down the road. This speech will fill you with enough knowledge and motivation to start taking radical action immediately.

If you are interested in taking further serious action on a larger scale. You may also want to check out their workshop here at TGR4 in Morelia, Mexico.

Yoshi will facilitate the following workshop:
Regenerative Culture: How to design your own holistic reality. (English)

Pola Pantera will facilitate the following workshop:
Taller de Cocina Regenerativa (Spanish)

*For more info, please check event schedule or link on bio

Joint Biography
Yoshi & Pola Pantera

In response to global degenerative systems, Yoshi and Pola Pantera co-founded Collective Wave in 2009, a collective of talented creators committed to the regeneration of life through the design and production of regenerative projects for Mother Earth and transcendental experiences for people.

Yoshi Pantera is a Permaculture Designer, Festival & Retreat Producer, Plant Based Vegan Chef, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Poetry Writer and Salsa Dancer.

Pola Pantera is a Holistic Spiritual Chef, Permaculture Designer, Festival & Retreat Producer, Podcast Host, Singer-Songwriter and Dancer.

permaculture / regenerative cultures / health / new economies

We are powerful.
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