Yoshi and Pola Pantera

Permaculture Designer

From sacred lands of Ecuador, once again we welcome to The Greater Reset – Yoshi & Pola Pantera, advocates of Regenerative Culture. Whom through their 10-year journey together actively taking action, they intertwine their paths of love, health, art, and permaculture. Their upcoming talk explores holistic systemic thinking, social design, and radical lifestyle shifts from degeneration to sustainability and ultimately to regeneration.

The heart of their message lies in the art of optimizing personal health, spirituality, education, technology, and governance systems to improve all aspects of existence—physical, metaphysical, energetic, and spiritual—for all living beings, including plants, animals, fungi, and yet-to-be-discovered energy forms.

In a world where many cultures cherish ancient practices like dance, music, art, and food, the disconnect from Mother Earth’s natural systems is a growing concern. Yoshi and Pola underscore the urgent need to reestablish our connection to these systems, addressing critical cycles from circadian rhythms to food-soil-water and the spiritual journey from birth to death.

While information is readily available, the lack of practical action is evident. Events like The Greater Reset play a pivotal role in bringing together projects from around the world, offering tangible solutions for a brighter future.

Yoshi and Pola will unveil actionable solutions for cultivating regenerative habits, principles, and tools, drawing from ancestral wisdom. They’ll guide you in accelerating personal healing and embracing a regenerative lifestyle within holistic systems, including building lasting relationships, urban tribes, ecovillages, and self-sufficient homesteads.

For those seeking a deeper dive, don’t miss Yoshi and Pola’s in-person workshops and community events in Mexico, Florida, and Ecuador. They also offer one-on-one and couple-to-couple therapies and ceremonies to enhance your lifestyle.

Yoshi Pantera is a MC & Podcast Host, Community Builder, Permaculture Designer, Festival & Retreat Producer, Plant Based Vegan Chef, Entrepreneur, Poetry Writer and Salsa Dancer.​​​​​​​

Pola Pantera is a Holistic Spiritual Vegan Chef, Permaculture Designer, Community Builder, Health Educator, Mentor of the Sacred Femininity, Herbalist, Artivist, Festival & Retreat Producer, Singer-Songwriter and Dancer.

Individually and together, they’ve produced numerous community-based events, ceremonies, retreats, festivals, and workshops since 2009, fostering a culture of regeneration. Their participation extends to renowned festivals like Symbiosis Gathering, Global Eclipse, Burning Man, and The Greater Reset 4.

Yoshi founded Collective Wave in 2009, a movement dedicated to regenerating life through innovative projects for Mother Earth and transformative experiences for humanity. Pola joined in 2014 and together they have created regenerative projects under this movement, which currently include: Seeds Transcendence (2014), a regenerative culture training and community retreat; Flora Plant Based Cuisine (2016), a vegan restaurant; and the Regenerative Culture Podcast (2020).

Furthermore, their primary focus is Sikuanga EcoVillage (Since 2014) in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador, in collaboration with the local indigenous Kichwa community. They are actively raising funds to expand their land holdings.

Join Yoshi and Pola Pantera on their mission to regenerate culture, one step at a time. Contact them at: collectivewave@protonmail.com to be part of their inspiring journey or inquire about their projects.

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