The Greater Food Transformation

By Christian Westbrook

On Wednesday January 27, 2021, Christian Westbrook spoke at the inaugural The Greater Reset Activation! Christian spoke about the current attempt to transform the food supply and take away the people’s access to food. Christian presented solutions for overcoming this monumental task.

Christian is a permaculturist, homesteader and father with a background in Artificial Intelligence and a deep love of humanity. He is also the founder of Ice Age Farmer, which looks deeply at the future of our food supply, from the agenda to defile and centralize control of it, to how these challenges must inform our response: a rapid move back to decentralized, regenerative food system. He produces videos, interviews, tools (Growing Degree Days, Crop Loss Map, Wiki and Maps) in order to shed light on the myriad risks to our food system and how they must inspire us to grow our own food.

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