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By Kissawolf

Weaverville NC

We have turned from activists to activators and putting our energy into building templates for the new earth- good systems, schools, community, health, council fires! We believe in sovereignty and wellness is an inside job and that the new earth takes supreme integrity and Accountabilty. That which cannot be taken by technocrats is the humanity we must hold!
By R. Bretminster Fullofit

US Global Nomad currently in Poole, UK

Well… What better way to make my debut in the community then to share my passions with this video as part of the ‘Stories of activation from around the world’ from The Greater Reset community!! My name is Bret, and my game is Bretminster Fullofit 🙂 It’s wonderful to be here with kindred souls, I’ll look forward to meeting many of you, as well as the process of eXodus from mainstream social media to more aligned platforms. Big <3 Bretminster If you dig the share, my Bio has more info and links to Togetherland and my longer Bio there which links to all that I am into, sharing and in love with.
By Connie "Plucky Lady" Sponheim

The Nasty Northwest

Just got my 2nd strike on PooTube.. so couldn’t get my film to you in a timely manner.. All I did was tell the damn Truth..
By Richard M. Kiernicki

Toronto, ON, Canada

TIME-EQUITY introduced in my book “The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True: The Crucifixion of Capital” is the first realistic alternative to capitalism to usher in an age of equality, true democracy, a sustainable planet and quite possibly the first era of peacefulness amongst humanity to work together in realizing our unlimited human potential. Find out more and email me for a complimentary digital copy of my book:
By Helen


What an interesting time we live in. So much suffering and misery, and yet, there are so many good things happening too. Out of Covid bullshit we created EcoVida – our beautiful farm community here in Brazil
By James Ford

NYC Brooklyn

Hello, this is a late submission and over 30 min- though work is solid and content in accord with The Greater Reset`s. Please use if you need a sub or for whatever adds value to event. Simply check it out yourselves. Wish i could be there. Best
By Joanna and Paul

Limousin, France

We Live in South west France with our 3 kids in the beautiful countryside. We’ve always intended to grow our own food. When we first moved over, we did actually make a start. But we got lazy. Thanks to The Greater Reset, we are now totally on board. There’s nothing like the prospect of being branded unclean and banned from all services to get your ass in gear!! I forgot to mention in our video that we also got a little bit of crypto currency! We’re really glad we found the greater reset, it’s helped us take action, which is the point isn’t it ?!!
By Jordan Simmons

Cleveland, Ohio

19 changes I have made in my life since the Greater Reset that will help change the world. From driving down to Texas from Ohio to meet the founders and users of Flote in person, to working in a local community garden, to hosting a watch party for The People’s Reset, these actions are steps anyone can take to leave a positive impact on humanity. We are here to THRIVE. Let’s do this!
By M


I’m still so new and awkward with doing videos so there’s plenty I wish I’d said and didn’t. This is all part of the three main things I wanted to accomplish in 2021 and have done a lot of already. I wanted to get my work out to a bigger audience (and not just in my small art scene), get at least some crypto (ny channel on Odysee got me started on that) and finding out if I had what it takes to hunt for my own food – the meat of 5 feral pigs in my freezer checks that box well enough. I’m amazed at how well our local Freedom Cell has established itself. We meet pretty regularly and have a good mix of personalities and range of skills. Since the last Greater Reset event, I hosted a local seed & plant swap and found out that there’s something about sharing such things that brings out optimism and motivation in folks.
By Gina and Charles


We have been working hard since the last “Greater Reset” event. Learning to grow our own food, stocking up on supplies, learning how to use Cryptocurrency, joined a local homestead support group, and hoping to eventually exit the system. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance. The Conscious Resistance Network gives us hope for the future!
By Taylor Shelton

San Luis Valley, Colorado

Having lived in this beautiful place for almost two full years after traveling almost constantly throughout my twenties, I am home for the first time since I was a kid. I now feel secure enough in regards to the basics that I feel I can start creating again. Thanks to the impetus of a contest, the fire under my ass has been lit.
By Michela & Fabrizio

South of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia

We are a life journey couple who are pleased to have found so many like-minded, heart centred souls on this amazing, adventuresome and inspiring journey to a life of liberation, self-expression and connection to others across our planet. The Greater Reset has been something we have been searching for for a long time however we weren’t necessarily able to articulate until we came across this beautiful, generous and supportive network of people across the globe. It feels great to know there are so many others on this journey as at times it can seem lonesome, challenging and overwhelming so heartfelt gratitude to every single one go you. Thank you to the Team at The Greater Reset – we are so very appreciative for all you do notwithstanding we are at the other end of the world. Fabrizio & Michela
By Christi Grab

San Diego, CA

I am hoping that I can help hamper the WEF’s Great Reset by taking out a key government agency needed to execute the WEF’s plans. I have caught California’s income tax agency, the Franchise Tax Board, committing a series of crimes in order to overcharge taxpayers. Proof here: I am currently suing the FTB in San Diego Superior Court, and posting information online so that others can use it in their own fight against FTB’s corruption: Later this year, I am going to try to collapse the FTB entirely by filing a federal class-action criminal complaint for FTB’s crimes against taxpayers. I am also working on a documentary series to expose the corruption, in hopes that it also builds public pressure to dismantle the FTB. You can watch the documentary at the FTBFighter channels on YouTube and Odysee. My goal os to replace the FTB with a new tax agency created by the people to properly serve the people.
By Silent kah mn

I’m changing the world with art! Started a totally free way to get artwork/ name / music in the community for free. Art is healing and helped me through my 4 year long horrific healing journey. I found out that there is an art world that is corporate and regulated, so we created a new way!!!!!
By Catherine Mac


I would have loved to have added narration but did not have sufficient IT skills. I feel so inspired by the Greater Reset. I have been following the IceAge Farmer for the past year or so and the productions are terrific with vry detailed notes at the end. The subject headings that link you to the precise part discussed are invaluable. We are all pushed for time now….there is so much to know and learn….that it’s overwhelming. This type of annotation is invaluable.
By Will

Ashland, Oregon

LoveCasting describes a remote healing technique invented in the eighties, which I’ve revived and am developing as a global initiative for shifting consciousness. It begins with joining the Noon Club at, setting your phone and pausing at noon each day for a mini-meditation. This can grow to include LoveCasting, which involves sending healing/loving thoughts to people as they show up in your awareness. We are aiming to enroll and train at least one million people before May 1, 2025 when we will convene a global LoveCasting experiment. Imagine tipping human consciousness towards the conscious choice to create a wonderful, healthy future!
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